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Update: Create an order

An update to the Shipwire web application

June 9, 2015

On June 10, 2015 we are rolling out a change to the “Create an Order” workflow within the Shipwire Web Application.

The new workflow is designed to save time; It optimizes the order creation process and reduces the number of steps it takes to create an order.

As part of the ongoing improvements to our V3 Web Application, we are focusing on making day to day activities more efficient and intuitive. This this is another step in that direction and was inspired by merchant feedback (thank you!).

For detailed documentation of the updated "Create an Order" process, please visit this support page.

Create an Order Workflow in Shipwire

Lauren Jow

Lauren is responsible for Ingram Micro Commerce's brand experience and creative initiatives in both digital and physical spaces. She's excited by big changes and big challenges.