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UK E-commerce Sales On The Rise

June 3, 2009

Internet Retailer just came out with a really interesting article you should read about regarding the rise of UK ecommerce sales. See the article here. UK ecommerce sales are forecast to increase at a Combined Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 10%. The UK's ecommerce sales are forecast to grow 13.3% to over $34.4B (US). The drivers for this growth are increased Internet adoption and increased ecommerce adoption by more affluent online buyers.

This is great to see and validates why the Shipwire warehouse network in the UK (warehouse outside of London) has been seeing great growth and lots of merchant adoption. If you want to capture a piece of this growing market, you will need to offer UK buyers local shipping from a local fulfillment center. That is where Shipwire comes in. We have warehouse distribution centers in the UK. Store your inventory in the UK/London and then ship your UK orders from your local warehouse outside of London. If your product needs to be returned, have it shipped back to your UK warehouse. No international shipping charges.

If you are interested in selling in the UK and want to learn more, here are some helpful links:

Please comment with other tips, tools, and resources to sell in the UK.

Nate Gilmore

Nate is the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Shipwire. He oversees channel development and the developer network, as well as our marketing and public relations. Previously, Nate spent six years at Concentric (acquired by XO Communications), where he ran product management, sales, and marketing. Nate has also held various legal positions in intellectual property and business law. He holds a B.A. in History and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.