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Turn Returns into Repeat Business

February 6, 2015

Returns are part of the deal when it comes to e-commerce businesses. According to eMarketer, 24% of consumers will abandon their shopping carts if return policy details are not clearly stated. The rate of cart abandonment increases if, once customers find the return policy, it appears to be complicated.

To capture some low-hanging fruit (aka easy sales), publish your return process in clear and simple terms. When setting up your policy, think of guidelines that you would be comfortable following. By putting yourself in your customers shoes, you’ll be able to create a reasonable, easy-to-navigate return policy.

The goal is ultimately to make it easy to do business with you from start to finish: from the return policy itself, to the process of sending products back, to the turnaround time for providing a refund. It should all be painless for your customers.

Shipwire has been helping merchants handle their returns for years through tools that enable generation of pre-paid return labels, automatic shipping label generation and dashboard notifications of returned products. This works well for the majority of merchants, but as businesses grow, they find that automating and scaling the returns process can be difficult.

That is why we are happy to announce the release of our Returns API, which merchants can leverage to make e-commerce returns easier than ever.

As the trusted fulfillment partner for thousands of retailers and brands, we see and hear the struggle that many of our merchants feel when dealing with returns, so we started by building a robust RESTful API that is a foundational element to build a branded and scalable Return Management Software.

How can the new Shipwire Returns API help your business?

Automate the creation of a return against the original order number:

  • Merchants can add “one-click” functionality in a Returns Management Portal, enabling a consumer to return products from within an order history view.
  • Help link the Sales Order and the Return Authorization to correctly report against them, adjust commission rates, identify serial numbers expected back, and more.

Send the customer pre-paid shipping labels:

  • Enable customers to initiate their own return processes and download pre-paid shipping labels directly. The return process can be initiated without any human intervention and without requiring support resources.
  • Track when returns are initiated. By doing so, you can notify your internal team to trigger workflows that make returns as quick and painless as possible for the customer. (Coming Soon: Shipwire’s new Webhooks System will notify you when a return is initiated if you don’t want to wait for the next hourly/daily update to happen. Stay tuned for more information.)

Create a Dashboard or report of returns:

  • Get all relevant return information in front of your support team by providing them with a complete view of all returns. Filter returns by status, date, and more.
  • Get tracking information on all inbound returns so that your team knows when to expect the items to arrive. If your business sees a large number of returns, advanced notice can be critical to planning resources and maintaining turnaround times.


Lauren Jow

Lauren is responsible for Ingram Micro Commerce's brand experience and creative initiatives in both digital and physical spaces. She's excited by big changes and big challenges.