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Shipwire V3 UI Upgrade

Who doesn't love a free upgrade?

February 27, 2015

Shipwire will soon begin upgrading all merchants to the new UI (User Interface), Shipwire V3. This means you will experience an application that’s friendlier and easier to use, a brand new Guided Product Creation Tool, and much more.

In order to explain Shipwire V3, we’ve put together a quick video to help familiarize you with all the updates in under five minutes.

While this is an exciting milestone for us, as always, we are focused on taking care of our customers. In order to make the transition to Shipwire V3 as smooth as possible, we'll be rolling out the upgrade in phases.

Here are some important things to know:

  • We will be upgrading accounts in daily batches over a 2 week period
  • You will receive an email a few days before your migration with a reminder of what to expect
  • For less than 5 minutes during this time frame, there will be an interruption in your ability to login to Shipwire (this will not impact on any of your fulfillment services)
  • Orders and order information will continue to flow as expected

For a full overview of the Shipwire V3 UI and more information on the Shipwire V3 Application, please check out the V3 Collection in our Resource Center:

Show me the V3 Collection

Lauren Jow

Lauren is responsible for Ingram Micro Commerce's brand experience and creative initiatives in both digital and physical spaces. She's excited by big changes and big challenges.