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Ship to Australia from Hong Kong

October 2, 2013

Shipping to Australia from Hong Kong

The Australian “e-conomy” has been incredibly strong for the past few years. A lot of brands have asked Shipwire for an Australia warehouse (sign up for the wait list if you haven’t already) so that they can more efficiently ship to Australia and satisfy Australian consumer demand.

When we first opened our Hong Kong warehouse we published a series of blog articles about expanding into the Asia Pacific, one covered shipping to Australia. We tried to put Australia into perspective: it is one growth marketplace among many throughout Asia. Hong Kong is a hub location for your brand to reach Asia Pacific buyers in 1-2 days.
Let’s take a deeper look at delivering the goods to an Australian customer and keeping them happy.

Ship to Australia
Delivering goods into Australia from outside the country is relatively easy. Outbound shipping from Hong Kong allows you to reach all points in Australia in only 1-2 additional days over a shipment originating in Australia.

The Australian Government understands that its citizens import a lot of goods and want to get them quickly.

Australia’s De minimis is $1000 (Australian Dollars). A de minimus regime is how the government customs office streamlines border clearance by providing an exemption from Customs, duties and other tax for products below the de minimus threshold. Generally (and there are exceptions), if the retail sale was less than $1000 (Australian Dollars), it will clear customs without additional charge.

Hong Kong to Australia is a main transportation corridor. There is a lot of volume and a lot of flights going from Hong Kong to Australia.

Good products for shipping to Australia
Consumer electronics, entertainment, summer beach apparel and toys, health and beauty, baby, gadgets and home decor and lighting seem to be top sellers. When we think about shipping and import our criteria changes slightly.

  • Small is better than bulky;
  • dense but not heavy;
  • higher price points (> $125AUD) benefit from higher margins.

Small, dense and expensive products are great for shipping from Hong Kong to Australia.

Marketplace sales
If you are selling on an Australian Marketplace like eBay from overseas, be clear with the buyer. Australian buyers are used to goods coming from overseas. Let them know shipping will be an extra 2-3 days because the products are coming from overseas.

If your product fits the profile, you should contact our team to learn more about shipping to Australia from Hong Kong.

Dimitri Onistsuk

Dimitri Onistsuk is the marketing director at Shipwire, and is in charge of figuring out what knobs to turn in order to spread the word about the leader in order fulfillment. During his years working in ecommerce, shipping, and fulfillment, he has helped countless merchants sell stuff to their global customers.