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Pumpkin pie and Shipwire product update

November 20, 2012

What’s better than a slice of homemade pumpkin pie to go with a hearty holiday meal? You guessed right: another Shipwire software product update.

We’re excited to present some of the highlights from the latest release:

More granular hold preferences

Merchants can now choose to hold orders based on the following criteria:

  • Order value at cost
  • Retail value
  • Shipping cost
  • Specific SKUs

Choose which types of orders to hold

Spreadsheet upload enhancements

We've improved and simplified your spreadsheet upload experience based on feedback we've received:

  • Upload can now handle spreadsheets in a "flat file" format
  • Request an order to be held (Order Hold), and to be held under certain conditions (Hold Reason) upon upload
  • Relaxed spreadsheet input restrictions – no longer required fields:
    • "IsCommercial"
    • Email address

Submission delay option for automated orders

Merchants may now control if and how long they want automated (API) orders to be held before they are submitted to the warehouse.

Delay automated orders?

Dimitri Onistsuk

Dimitri Onistsuk is the marketing director at Shipwire, and is in charge of figuring out what knobs to turn in order to spread the word about the leader in order fulfillment. During his years working in ecommerce, shipping, and fulfillment, he has helped countless merchants sell stuff to their global customers.