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New Shipwire features for ecommerce order fulfillment

May 1, 2008

The Shipwire engineering, operations and development staff have been incredibly busy over the past couple months releasing new warehouse management, inventory management, order fulfillment features, and service offerings.

There has been so many new features released in the past few weeks that I'm having trouble keeping up to date blogging all the details and uploading screenshots. Rather than cry about it, I'm going to celebrate it with a long blog post with lots of new features. If your interested in seeing it all and playing with the system functionality please create an account or free trial (no credit card, only an e-mail address).

Shipwire is the provider of the Store-Sell-Ship™ Platform that makes once complex order fulfillment and multiple warehouse management easy.

Trial – Sign-up for Shipwire's easy Free Trial and get access to the platform, robust analytics features and all warehouses with absolutely no risk. Only an e-mail is required. We don't even ask for a credit card and we never ask for any commitments.

Store – Merchants can now schedule receiving pickups through the Store-Sell-Ship™ Platform. Tell Shipwire where your inventory is sitting and we will schedule a freight pick-up and bring it to the appropriate warehouse.

Store – If you carry lots of distinct inventory (high number of SKU's), shipwire's new CSV upload tool makes it simple to upload product details to the system. Do you have 1000 types of apparel broken down in your inventory management system? Now you can easily export the data, put it into the Shipwire CSV upload form and add all the products to Shipwire system. From there you just walk through the "Send to Shipwire" wizard and tell Shipwire what you're sending to the warehouse.

Store – Special Projects wizard. Many merchants want to run a "special project" on inventory as it is being received by the warehouse. We just made this incredibly easy. A "Special Project" could be adding a retail compliance tag, kitting, break down or generally modify inventory before it is stored and available for shipping. Shipwire has released a new tool to make notification and documentation of a special project need simple via a "Store" Wizard.

Sell – Shipwire's partner program is growing quickly and we are now integrated with more shopping carts, partners and inventory management systems. New partner integrations include Zoovy, WordPress, Zen-Cart, ASPDotNetStorefront, eBay ProStores, Netsuite and more. A complete list is available on our Compatible Carts page and all instructions are in the Shipwire Help Center.

Ship – New Freight Options are now available for outbound shipping. By customer request Shipwire now offers access to FedEx Freight for outbound shipments of bulk, heavy or wholesale inventory from warehouses in Los Angeles and Chicago. This adds an additional freight option to existing freight expertise. Shhh….look for more shipping options soon.

Ship – Shipwire has greatly enhanced the functionality of the PayPal IPN service for notification of orders from paypal products like Virutual Terminal.

MyAccount – New automated account messages help users manage, automate and tune their storage and shipping easily. Merchants can now receive automated e-mail and dashboard notification of order shipped status, shipping notices and receiving confirmations. This will help you manage your account in less time and help you keep track of your business while traveling.

MyAccount – Shipwire now offers a customer referral program. Existing Customers will be able to send special offers to friends and receive shipping credits by simply telling them about Shipwire. Look for lots of benefits for the referrer and the referee by logging into your account.

MyAccount – Shipwire has greatly enhanced its platform wide search and help center. Type a request into our search box and search for orders or help files inside the account, on shipwire.com and in our customer forums. Unified search can be used for tracking ID's, looking up orders or just figuring out where to go to change a preference.

Expect more soon as the whole team is really working on some cool new features.

Nate Gilmore

Nate is the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Shipwire. He oversees channel development and the developer network, as well as our marketing and public relations. Previously, Nate spent six years at Concentric (acquired by XO Communications), where he ran product management, sales, and marketing. Nate has also held various legal positions in intellectual property and business law. He holds a B.A. in History and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.