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A New Dashboard Experience

The Platform was first designed to present information about open orders, inventory levels, returns and backorders through an accessible dashboard view (what you experience as the “homepage” of the Shipwire Platform). However, much like our customers’ businesses, the platform has become more robust over time. Today, we’re excited to share a new Shipwire Platform Dashboard experience that responds to technological advancements and our users’ needs.

What's new?

Big Data is more than a buzzword — it’s what successful companies use to influence important decisions. The new dashboard experience marries fulfillment data with core business insights, resulting in analytics that can help you build your business.

We’ve also updated the way data is displayed. Your can now choose between three views to manage of your orders.

Control Tower View

This view surfaces high-priority information that requires immediate attention, enabling you to stay on top of issues as they arise.

Side Feed View

This view surface information that can be browsed at your convenience. Use it to see alerts that do not require immediate action, like inventory arrivals and returned items.

Analytics View

This view centralizes your commerce data. Use it to see everything from an order’s point of origin to its end destination, order generation by channel, total revenue generated and average shipping cost per order.

The Shipwire Platform has become more than a tool to manage your order fulfillment. It now plugs into your entire ecommerce experience, helping you to identify which sales channels are worthy of further investment and where final mile ends. Of course, this is just the beginning.

Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran is the Product Marketing Manager in charge of the Shipwire Platform at Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment Solutions. He represents the collective voice of platform merchants in the product development process and develops go-to-market strategies. Connect with him on Linkedin.