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New account roles within the Shipwire Platform

November 10, 2017
In late 2016, we released a new Dashboard experience in response to changes in technology and the needs of our users. Through extensive feedback and research, we rebuilt how we surface data to the brands and retailers that rely on the Shipwire Platform for their supply chain management and the growth of their businesses every day.

We enhanced the platform to incorporate commerce metrics (it already offered data on open orders, inventory levels, returns and backorders). Commerce metrics include everything from order generation by channel to total revenue generated and average shipping cost per order. With these changes, the Shipwire Platform became more than a place to track the fulfillment process of an order. As we started to move towards providing data points on supply chain management and not just the fulfillment process, we realized that some of this new information just wasn’t applicable to certain user roles on the Shipwire Platform and was more distracting than it was useful.

Now, in order to provide a more personal experience to our users, we have added a new Customer Service role to our multi-user account access functionality.


How does it work?

The Customer Service role is a limited privilege function within the platform. This user’s account access is limited to the orders tab, where they can view individual order details and make minor edits during the fulfillment process. Customer Service users cannot view sensitive pricing information or make edits to the product catalog, which we found only really applicable to users responsible for complete supply chain management. For more information on enabling a new user role within your Shipwire account, go to your Account Profile. You can also visit our support guide here.



Use Cases & What’s Next

Why did we build a Customer Service role? During Peak Season, many platform users hire temporary customer service representatives to help manage an increase in order volume and to navigate potential issues within the fulfillment process. This limited access role enables actions like editing an individual order or viewing average costs, while protecting sensitive and private account information.

Other user types offered include an Administrator, Full Access User and an API role, with more planned for the future.

Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran is the Product Marketing Manager in charge of the Shipwire Platform at Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment Solutions. He represents the collective voice of platform merchants in the product development process and develops go-to-market strategies. Connect with him on Linkedin.