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Hongkong Post Air Mail Updates

October 2, 2013

Hong Kong Post increased Air Mail prices on October 1, 2013.

Hong Kong Post hasn't adjusted its rates for more than a decade, but due to rising operating costs, the carrier has implemented an 18% increase on all Air Mail. Shipping price increases are expected over time and fortunately, most occur more gradually than in this instance.

To date, Shipwire customers have been unaffected. As of Monday, October 21, 2013 Shipwire will be increasing Hongkong Post Air Mail prices.

Price updates (click here to determine your zone):

Zone Weight HKP Old rate HKP New rate DHL rate
(in comparison)
1 0.1kg $2.73 $4.39 $9.99-$10.15
2 0.5kg $5.71 $9.01 $16.33-$42.34
2 0.8kg $7.87 $12.46 $16.33-$42.34
2 1.0kg $9.25 $14.67 $16.33-$42.34

Since the launch of the Hong Kong warehouse, Shipwire has optionally shipped First Class Hong Kong Post service level packages at Hongkong Post Second Class pricing without tender fees to Hongkong post. On the effective date Hongkong Post customers will be billed First Class charges for First Class service level with tender.

Export Declaration charges (from HK Government)
You should also be aware of the following charges for exports out of Hong Kong as stipulated by the Hong Kong Government:

  1. HK$ 0.200 in respect of the first HK$ 46000 of the value of the goods
  2. HK$ 0.125 in respect of each additional HK$ 1000 or part thereof and rounded up to the nearest 10 cents

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