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2011 All Things E-commerce Update

June 24, 2011

I have to attend quite a few trade shows each year. Industry, partner and seller shows galore. One show that I attended two years ago and got a lot out of was ChannelAdvisor Catalyst. The annual Channelpalooza shin-dig put on by the excellent team over at ChannelAdvisor. Sadly I missed it this year due to travel.

There is one presentation that I really enjoy. ChannelAdvisor CEO, Scot Wingo, is an avid e-commerce blogger and each year undertakes a keynote presentation called "All Things E-commerce". I believe it lives up to its name. Scott is a first rate data hound and he sits in the catbird seat for trends at ChannelAdvisor. He does a USA conference and a Europe e-commerce Catalyst show.

I don't normally gush and I almost never post content that isn't mine. But, readers to this blog respond well when we post e-commerce predictions and data. Scott put a lot of work into this, the embedded Slideshare below is not altered and this post is search optimized as a thank you to Scott and the ChannelAdvisor team for doing this every year.

High Points

  • Global E-commerce estimate is over $700B (USD) and is clearly a "SWAG" (Standard Wild Ass Guess) of the research firms.
  • Sales are coming in from more "channel" (see screenshot above). So your e-commerce strategy needs to include mobile, social, flash, search, etc. See my 2011 e-commerce predictions for more on that.
  • Amazon repeat sales are through the roof (same store sales). You can thank brand, Amazon Prime, 3rd party merchant selection and massive reach. This blogger outlines Scot's comments about Amazon success in numbing detail.
  • Search is up 11% and Google is crushing it
  • Having a product feed strategy makes sense. See previous post.
  • Amazon growth is outpacing e-commerce growth in almost every major category.
  • Social e-commerce is growing quickly. Lots of models.
  • E-commerce and mobile are joined together at the hip, and the waist band is expanding

ChannelAdvisor Presentations

Wingo 2011 all things ecommerce and all USA presos

Europe presentations from Catalyst Conference

(Editor note, I had put this up on Slideshare; but, removed it on request from Channel Advisor, the link above should take you to the forms to get access to all the ChannelAdvisor presentations. )

ColderICE Interview of Scott Wingo
John over at ColderICE has forgotten more about e-commerce than I know. If Scott's presentations are helpful, check out ColderIce Interview of Scot Wingo, John doesn't disappoint.

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